• Berlin, Wedding
  • Software Developer (and creator of this website)
  • Dancer (Ballroom, Latin Tournament, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango A., ...)
  • Ropes/Rigging for the last 16 years

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Mark has been influenced by partner dancing and combines that with ropes and bondage. Sensual Shibari as a more absolute "Lead and Being led", leveraging the energy and connection to create a dance way beyond the physical level. He teaches beginners, and shows that all this is also possible without the immediate sexual or intimate contact in general, and that this can be a very deeply relaxing and mind-opening experience between friends just as much as between couples.

Read more about Sensual Shibari, his teaching and the philosophy behind it.

Recent updates

"Beach vacation in Africa, kinky style"
"Wanna hang out out a bit in the park?" - "Yeah, sure, let's do that" :-)

Some impressions from a very beautiful and intense rope session in the park on a hot summer day. It was at a rope picknick, and we really had fun. We know each other for quite a while, that really helps when doing more advanced things.

Lots of people were watching us. Fun fact: We were the ones dressed the most, as we picked a tree in the middle of the "Tiergarten Park Nudist Area" ;)

Upcoming workshops

Mark will give some more Sensual Shibari Group Workshops for beginners this year:

Not confirmed yet (maybe):

  • New Healing 2021
  • Fusion beta 2021
  • ... tell me :)

Previous (2020 and below)

  • June 2018: At Kiezburn festival near Berlin, SA afternoon (see calendar)
  • July 2018: At Hedone Seminar in Poland. 7./8.
  • August 2018: At Tango/Zouk Intimacy Castle Event from Tango Kollektiv Berlin. 10./11.
  • September 2018: At Ponyhof Festival north of Berlin. Probably 15.

Proposals? Drop me a line.

Feel free to reach out for details. Workshop plan and details here.