Rigger seeks Riggee - Bondage partner wanted

Especially for workshops and events there is often a great interest but as often there is a partner missing. Or somebody gets sick, you get the idea. Finding somebody else for the often expensive or rare workshop space is pretty hard. There are many subgroups on some social networks, but there is no coherent platform up till now. We want to allow for a simple and open System to give you the opportunity to contact people searching for partners.

The events are sorted by date, the respective people seeking a partner are grouped. A search by distance is possible.

This service (advertising and contacting) is free of charge, however, donations are always very welcome. See here for details.

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Berlin, Wedding

Advent Rope and Chill at Mark's place

Zum 1. Avent läd Mark in diesem Jahr mal wieder zu einem gemütlichen Nachmittags-Jam ein (nachdem letztes Jahr bekanntlich ausgefallen ist^^).
Mit Tee und Gebäck/Plätzchen am Nachmittag zum gemütlichen Beisammensitzen, natürlich mit Rope wer mag (Supension Point vorhanden).

Bei Interesse und vielen Neulingen könnte man auch einen Einführungsworkshop geben zu Anfang. Bitte dazu persönlich anmelden vorab.


#### Wichtig: Geschlossene Veranstaltung
Es handelt sich um eine Privatveranstaltung mit Einladung only (Friends and Friends of Friends and Friends of Friends of Friends and ...^^)!
Bitte Bescheid geben wer kommen mag - und wen bzw wie viel ihr mitbringen wollt, es gibt nur limitierte Plätze aufgrund des Platzes in der Wohnung.
Adresse gibts nach Bestätigung.
OHNE Bestätigung vorab kein Einlass (bitte auch rechtzeitig absagen, damit andere nachrücken können, wenn ihr doch verhindert seid).

**Bitte jetzt anmelden, wir machen in ein paar Tagen die Anmeldung zu**

#### COVID
Nach aktueller Situation 2G+ vermutlich.

#### Was zieht man an?
Leger, locker - bequeme Kleidung (Yoga style) empfohlen.

#### Was bringt man mit?
Bitte einfach Kleinigkeiten zum Knabbern, Weihnachtspätzchen und CO.
Für Tee und (nichtalk.) Getränke ist gesorgt :)

Kosten: 0 EUR


Brüsseler Straße, Berlin Wedding



When was the last time you felt completely free to express yourself and play as nobody was watching?

This workshop is a judgment-free zone to discover the joy of exploring, sensing and experiencing. Ritual cacao is used in many traditions as a way to (re)connect to our true self, the rawest part inside of us, which sees the play as an approach to discover the world around us. For this reason, we will start the workshop with a cacao ceremony, allowing this plant to activate our senses and awaken our feral instincts. Through guided meditation and exercises we will embody stillness and movement, switching between these two states and learning our own preferences. We will dive into the animal world to playfully explore polarities.

We will introduce rope as a playful tool to connect with each other, try out and enjoy the polarities such as; stillness and motion, fast and slow, soft and firm,... You will get an introduction of basic rope handling, to shibari, which allows you to use rope in your play.
The focus of the workshop is on non verbal communication, what type of connection do you create with your partner, and how to communicate emotions through rope in your play, enhanced by the combined work with cacao. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels. Even though you would be a frequent shibari practitioner this is a wonderful opportunity to explore body handling, transmitting intention through rope and working with different emotional tones and polarities in your play.

➡️ open for solo registrations (you will be paired up in the event)

➡️ different experience levels welcome

➡️ possibility to explore both rope roles

➡️ no VANI Intro workshop required!

Energy exchange: €30 incl. one cup of ritual cacao if paid in advance. Or €35 if you decide to pay at the door (if places are still available).

REGISTRATION FORM: https://share.hsforms.com/1Jpf24dqHTaqKWBFAh2BH9Qbvfaa

Covid19: 2G rule applies. Please bring proof of vaccination or recovery.

About the facilitators:
Chiara: I´m passionate about movement, dance, sensuality, cacao and nature. I have a degree in Marketing, plus a traineeship in Conscious Sensuality and one in Lomi Lomi Massage. Since 2016 I´ve been including cacao into my spiritual practices and later completed a Cacao Training. I organize conscious events and rituals in Berlin and I´m happy to help people to connect with themselves and others.

Kata: As long as I remember, I’ve been fascinated by intense experiences which are catching the attention of body and mind. I love to explore the crossroad of joy and shadow. Currently I work a lot with rope, which is a tool to connect and communicate with another person in a deep and intimate way. I'm a Certified Integral Facilitator, MSc and I have over 7 years of personal studies about intimacy and sexuality. Today I create experiences for people including performances, workshops and private rope sessions.

Gustav-Adolf-Straße 15, 13086 Berlin