Rigger seeks Riggee - Bondage partner wanted

Especially for workshops and events there is often a great interest but as often there is a partner missing. Or somebody gets sick, you get the idea. Finding somebody else for the often expensive or rare workshop space is pretty hard. There are many subgroups on some social networks, but there is no coherent platform up till now. We want to allow for a simple and open System to give you the opportunity to contact people searching for partners.

The events are sorted by date, the respective people seeking a partner are grouped. A search by distance is possible.

This service (advertising and contacting) is free of charge, however, donations are always very welcome. See here for details.

Current events

There is nobody searching at the moment, but you can make a start and just publish a new add.

Proposed events


Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin

**Event by BondageBunchBerlin!**

No matter if you want to tie, want to be tied, want to dive into the community, or you are simply curious about bondage as a topic, everyone is welcome as long as you have ropes on your mind, no matter if novice or pro. We have good music, and a fridge full of drinks.

And: we have more than a dozen suspension points and bamboos now!

- if you've never been to our (or any similar) event, you might want to be there right at the beginning, we'll make a short introduction for newcomers
- doors open at 8, end is at 11:30
- location: Gerichtstraße 23, 4th courtyard, entry #4, 1st floor, follow the signs with the rope
- Public transport: S/U-Bahn Wedding or Sbahn Humboldhain (U6, S1, S2, S25, Ringbahn/Circleline)
- costs: 5€
- no specific dress code, just dress as you like. If you're new to bondage and don't know what that means: yoga-style clothing is always a good idea.
- we have a limited amount of mats, so feel free to bring your own blankets, futons or yoga mats.

in order to maintain a relaxed mood and to avoid becoming overcrowded, we limit entry to our event to a maximum capacity.


Currently, there are also weeks with a limit of 60 people already very early in the evening.
Once the limit is reached, the doors close. Might be worth showing up early (before 8) or checking FB event comments for live updates.

Also: This is not a workshop, a jam is an open meeting to practice and experience rope bondage.

Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin



*Special Fusion Event* @ 21.03.2020, 13-15

### Sensual Shibari

This is a beginner workshop around the art of meditative rope bondage.
Sensual Shibari as a mix of rope work, yoga, partner dance and other elements. The main focus and intention here is to leverage the energy between two people - one active (leading), the other passive (following) - to create a figurative dance in ropes.
We will work on a platonic non-sexual level.

Let us use the Zouk elements of moving in sync and interpret Sensual Shibari as a more absolute "Lead and Being led", leveraging the energy and connection to create a dance way beyond the physical level. We will show that all this is also possible without the immediate sexual or intimate contact in general, and that this can be a very deeply relaxing and fulfilling experience between friends just as much as between couples.

We are focusing on the Zouk elements of flow/movement, but you can also join in with other partner dance experience or even none.
For this specific event we want to prefer our fellow Zoukees, and only then assign spots to others joining.

### Details

- No prior knowledge necessary
- 2h timeframe

Door opens at 12:45, please try to be there early so we can start right away at 1PM.

Limit/Size: 10 couples (2 persons each) max.

For more see FB event linked.

Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin