[CANCELLED] Rope-Dance Workshop: Zouk into Bondage

21.03.2020, 13:00, Berlin

End: 21.03.2020, 15:30

Mehringdamm 33, 10961 Berlin

Special Fusion Event @ 21.03.2020, 13-15


Sensual Shibari

This is a beginner workshop around the art of meditative rope bondage. Sensual Shibari as a mix of rope work, yoga, partner dance and other elements. The main focus and intention here is to leverage the energy between two people - one active (leading), the other passive (following) - to create a figurative dance in ropes. We will work on a platonic non-sexual level.

Let us use the Zouk elements of moving in sync and interpret Sensual Shibari as a more absolute "Lead and Being led", leveraging the energy and connection to create a dance way beyond the physical level. We will show that all this is also possible without the immediate sexual or intimate contact in general, and that this can be a very deeply relaxing and fulfilling experience between friends just as much as between couples.

We are focusing on the Zouk elements of flow/movement, but you can also join in with other partner dance experience or even none. For this specific event we want to prefer our fellow Zoukees, and only then assign spots to others joining.


  • No prior knowledge necessary
  • 2h timeframe

Door opens at 12:45, please try to be there early so we can start right away at 1PM.

Limit/Size: 10 couples (2 persons each) max.

For more see FB event linked.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/482554899315717/