Who can and wants to translate the content from/to German/English?
Base language is German, but with one click it should be available as English version, as well.

E.g.: for all content in English

Regional partners / information

We want to start /berlin, /munich, /hamburg /frankfurt, /stuttgart, ... sub-parts on the site, so that each region can have their own regional info presented.

E.g.: for all Munich events and offers

E.g.: for all Berlin events and offers

"Rope Partners"

We want to offer a platform for finding riggers/bunnies as a very simple and free service (/rope-partners).

Basic ideas:

  • No registration necessary for the beginning. Just validate via email/token.
  • Info: "gender", "age", "location", "active/passive", "looking for m/w", maybe a free text field.
  • Highlighting for event specific searches! E.g. "Bondage Workshop x.x.2015 @ ..". Often times people need a bunny for a specific date or event.
  • Contact form to send a person an email with his/her infos?
  • Photos? Probably better not, but on contact request people could attach a photo of themselves to send along.
  • Map or regional distance filters

Further ideas:

  • RSS feed with custom search filter to be notified about new ads that fit your criteria.
  • Optional notification via email about geo-distance filters set up.