Playing with Rope

We already mentioned that rigging can be an art, but it can be and achieve so much more. Rigging connects people on a personal level. It can open up new horizons far beyond the mechanical rigging, provided that both partners give their consent.



Man kann sich natürlich auch einfach alleine fesseln. Das erfordert natürlich noch etwas mehr Training und Vorsicht. Schau dir die Videos an.


Because this is a frequently asked question we have to put a disclaimer at this point: The two women in the video have already done this for years, which explains their interaction and the quite challenging elements. However, this is not suited for beginners. Just think about the following example: If you started playing the violin, would you join the British National Orchestra as the lead violin after only just a couple weeks of practising? Most surely not. For everybody who is outraged by that video: you start at level 1, not 101. And level 1 means making a knot, done, opening the knot. It is not spectacular at all and probably won't make it into a video, but it is relaxing and soothing.