Beginner Workshop: Sensual Shibari

Dancing with ropes

This is a beginner workshop around the art of meditative rope bondage.

With a lengthy background in partner dancing I developed Sensual Shibari as a mix of rope bondage, yoga, partner dance and other elements. The main focus and intention here is to leverage the energy between two people - one active (leading), the other passive (following) - to create a figurative dance in ropes.


  • No prior knowledge necessary
  • We will only do basics on the floor, no suspension, so everyone can do it
  • You will work in pairs as rigger and riggee (gender does not matter), but you join in on your own and team up spontaneously
  • Comfortable Yoga-style clothing recommended
  • You can and should bring your own rope, but there will be extra ones available :-)
  • Around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the interest and speed of learning

To quickly summarize

After this workshop you as rigger will be able to do basic ties that can put someone into a state of meditative relaxation and comfort.

As a riggee (passive part) you will be able to enjoy the feeling of completely trusting someone else and you can get a feeling of this deep relaxation you will usually never encounter with anything else.

Eine total entspannende, befreiende und inspirierende Erfahrung. Habe Mark als super professionellen und offenen Trainer kennengelernt, der jeden selbst entscheiden lässt, was man wie ausprobieren möchte. Ich freue mich sehr auf nächste Workshops!!? Kathi (Kiezburn Festival 2017)

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