Riggee (passive, getting tied)

Virkah, Female, 39

Rope Jam Berlin Wedding

Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin

Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin

**Event by BondageBunchBerlin!**

No matter if you want to tie, want to be tied, want to dive into the community, or you are simply curious about bondage as a topic, everyone is welcome as long as you have ropes on your mind, no matter if novice or pro. We have good music, and a fridge full of drinks.

And: we have more than a dozen suspension points and bamboos now!

- if you've never been to our (or any similar) event, you might want to be there right at the beginning, we'll make a short introduction for newcomers
- doors open at 8, end is at 11:30
- location: Gerichtstraße 23, 4th courtyard, entry #4, 1st floor, follow the signs with the rope
- Public transport: S/U-Bahn Wedding or Sbahn Humboldhain (U6, S1, S2, S25, Ringbahn/Circleline)
- costs: 5€
- no specific dress code, just dress as you like. If you're new to bondage and don't know what that means: yoga-style clothing is always a good idea.
- we have a limited amount of mats, so feel free to bring your own blankets, futons or yoga mats.

in order to maintain a relaxed mood and to avoid becoming overcrowded, we limit entry to our event to a maximum capacity.


Currently, there are also weeks with a limit of 60 people already very early in the evening.
Once the limit is reached, the doors close. Might be worth showing up early (before 8) or checking FB event comments for live updates.

22.10.2019, 20:00

I'm a newbie

I've been curious for a long time, never got the right space to dive into. I sense is the right time for me to experience it.

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