Picnic & Rope Berlin

04.10.2020, 13:00, Thomashöhe Berlin

End: 04.10.2020, 18:00

Thomashöhe Berlin

External event (We are not affiliated with the organization)

The most likely LAST picnic this year - with ~20 degrees and sunshine.

Let's meet, chat, eat, and tie in the park.

Grab a blanket, nice food to share, your favorite rope partner(s) - And don't forget your ropes! Let's meet on Thomashöhe under the "Hartung-Tree".

Be aware that this is a public park with all kind of people including families and children. So please keep it non-sexual.

This is not an "organized" event, but a park where like-minded people meet up. This means: there is no official organizer or person in charge. Everyone is free to come or to leave as they feel and there is no door-bitch / bouncer / whatever to tell who is allowed to participate and who is not. Even if the event start at 14:00 , it's not guarantee any presence at this time, usually, the best moment to arrive is from 15:00 or later.

Therefore, always ask yourself: "do I show my best side?" If the answer is "no" adjust! If you notice someone doing something that might be questionable, ask other people around for their opinion. If they comply, do not hesitate to intervene as a group.

It should be common sense but here a short reminder: - Do ask before you take any pictures! And again do not publish these photos anywhere without explicit consent.

RACK, SSC or "be excellent to each other"


Due to Covid-19, please maintain a 1.5m distance to people who are not your partner(s), in your household, or with whom you do not have an agreement about sharing personal space. Make sure to get consent before sitting closer than 1.5m to someone else Though it is a picnic, we ask that you don’t share your food and drinks. If you are feeling sick or have had contact with a person with Covid-19 in the last two weeks please refrain from attending.