Kink Your Game

24.10.2020, 19:30, Life artist Hub

Milastrasse 4 Berlin

External event (We are not affiliated with the organization)

Welcome to the World of Tan.tric Kink! Together we will learn and explore how to receive deep pleasure from sensation & impact play. Moving se#ual energy – slowing down-- while ultimately removing any impatient neediness from our encounters. We will increase our arsenal of tools for more enjoyable sessions with our partners or friends. Tan.tric Impact and Sensation Play makes you wake up! It draws attention inside your body. Don't worry, this is not supposed to be painful. Any impulse can feel pleasurable, as long as you are able to relax into it. Using Tan.tric Impact & Sensation Play, we learn how to move energy in our body, while enjoying the release of various endorphines. Getting high on our own supply ? We will create a safe space and practice setting boundaries and limitations. Consensual communication provides the framework for playful and safe interactions. encounters stir up a lot of energy. Looking from a tantric perspective, we will explore how to move this energy, while feeling safe and grounded. We will use various exercises from Tantra to increase our energy level, relax into presence and build up trust. Bring a friend, come, play and enjoy! Learnings ? how to communicate boundaries efficiently ?how to feel safe and secure at all times ?various elements of sensation and impact play ?the role of breath and movement in tantric encounters ?exercises to increase your energy level ?the role of slow and fast interaction ?the importance of aftercare

What to bring? ?please bring a blanket ?bottle of water, pen & paper ?your favorite toys/tools

What to expect? ?Nu.dity is welcome during partner exercise, but not mandatory ?this is a safe space; any violation of personal boundaries leads to an immediate expulsion ?at all times you can abstain from an exercise and take a break ?no genital touching permitted ?maximum of 20 participants Tickets: Get your ticket here: Early Bird until 17.10.2020 ??Please buy your ticket only if you have a partner for this event. In case you are on your own, and still wanna participate, you can find a partner in my group?? ??A few single spots are available, send an email for one of these to [email protected] If you are interested in a single ticket, you'd have to be open to pair up with any gender.?? Disclaimer This workshop involves stronger energy work. If you are dealing with a lot of anxiety or unrest these days , please refrain from registering. Exercises involving touch and close distance, will only be done with your partner. For non-touch interactions, you'll have the option to experiment with others. Due to high costs of refund though ticket provider services, I cannot offer any refund on your ticket. Please make sure you can participate at the given date, before you make your purchase. ?? FAQ ?? Do I have to be naked? No, you may be topless, to have more skin cover surface available. Full nudity is not allowed. Can I choose to interact with my partner only? Exercises involving touch and close distance, will only be done with your partner. For non-touch interactions, you'll have the option to experiment with others. Can I come with a friend? Yes, definitely! You don't need a romatic partner to level up your skill set! This is a playful workshop and doesn't need to be of se#ual nature, at all. What is sensation and impact play? this may involve things like:, grabbing,, pressure points, or harmless tools that are bit stingy/scratchy Weniger anzeigen


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